Recently Linux Mint team announced Linux Mint Debian 201403, Linux Mint Debian Edition also known as LMDE is based directly on [Debian Testing](, instead of Ubuntu. Linux Mint Debian looks identical to Linux Mint which is based on Ubuntu. Linux Mint Debian offers all functionality seen on Linux Mint, while using Debian as a base instead of using Ubuntu. Linux Mint Debian is available in both MATE and Cinnamon desktop environments. Linux Mint Debian is a semi-rolling release (partially rolling) development model, this means that, unlike Debian Testing (a rolling release) which constantly receives updates, Linux Mint Debian periodically introduces “update Packs” which are tested snapshots of Debian Testing, this also means that Linux Mint Debian is more stable then Debian Testing. Keeping Linux Mint Debian up-to-Date is very easy, update Packs keep Linux Mint Debian current. Linux Mint does not use Debian package repositories, Linux Mint Debian has its own repositories. You can add a Debian repositories to Linux Mint without any problem, The only thing to be kept in mind while adding a Debian repositories is to see that the repositories is Debian testing or Debian Jessie which is current testing. If you like to take risk you can switch to Debian Sid which is also known as Debian unstable. Switching to Debian Sid is a personal preference and is not recommended if you are not an experienced user. If you are using Linux Mint Debian than a you need is a ‘dist-upgrade’ to upgrade to the current snapshot.

New Features!

update Pack 8

Cinnamon 2.0

MATE 1.6

Latest Mint tools and improvements

Support for EFI and GPT

System requirements:

x86 processor (LMDE 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. LMDE 32-bit supports all x86 processors, non-PAE included).


5 GB of disk space

Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution

DVD drive or USB port


64 Bit

Cinnamon x64 Bit

MATE 64 Bit

32 Bit

Cinnamon 32 Bit

MATE 32 Bit

I compiled a list of software and services that I use to improve my workflow, here is the link to the list.

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