Yaourt – Installation of Yaourt on Arch Linux…

Yaourt is yet another user repository tool. It is, not co-incidentally, an acronym for Yet AnOther User  Repository  Tool. It is a community contributed repository for pacman, which is the package manager of [Arch Linux](https://www.archlinux.org) and a few other minor Linux distributions. It adds seamless access to the Arch User Repository. It allows the user to automate package compilation and installation from the thousands of PKGBUILDs available in the AUR. It also completely supports the many thousands of Arch Linux binary packages.



Arch is better with Yaourt

Yaourt uses the exact same syntax as pacman. That is a great time-saver considering the unnecessary relearning of an entirely new method of system maintenance. However, it adds new options for the user; Yaourt expands the power and simplicity of pacman by adding even more useful features. It provides pleasing, colorized output, interactive search mode, and much more. Yaourt simplifies the job.

Installation of Yaourt

1. Addition of a repository

You will need to add a repository to the pacman configuration file.

You’ll find the file at /etc/pacman.conf. You’ll simply need to add a few lines of code and you can do it with your favourite text editor (nano, vi, gedit, kate; you name it).


Save the file with the new additions to **pacman.conf**. You can back-up the file just for the sake of safety.

2. Update repository database and install Yaourt

Open up the terminal. Enter the command given below to update the repository database and install Yaourt on your system.

sudo pacman -Sy yaourt

3. Test the install

Your installation is basically done here. You can test the install by searching for packages on the newly added repository.

Enter the following command below to search the packages you’d want.

yaourt <the-package-name>

Of course, you’ll have to replace “the-package-name” with the package you are searching for.

Installing packages via Yaourt

To install packages enter the command like the following.

yaourt -S <the-package-name>

That’s it!!!

For support and specific instructions, visit here.

If you face difficulties in this process, do let us know.

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