Install MATE Desktop Environment in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

**MATE** (Spanish pronunciation: [[ˈmate]]( “Help:IPA for Spanish”)) is a [desktop environment]( “Desktop environment”) [forked]( “Fork (software)”) from the now-unmaintained code base of [GNOME]( “GNOME”) 2. The name derives from [yerba mate]( “Yerba mate”), a species of [holly]( “Holly”) native to subtropical South America used to prepare a beverage called [mate]( “Mate (beverage)”).

[![Mate-Desktop-Environment ](×576.png)](
Mate-Desktop-Environment on Linux Mint (This is a customized by the author and may differ from default installation )

Applications :

Several GNOME applications have been forked and renamed:

Installing Mate-Desktop-Environment (Main)

MATE has its own Ubuntu repository, available for Ubuntu. To add the repository and install MATE Desktop in Ubuntu, use the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository "deb $(lsb_release -cs) main"
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sudo apt-get update
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sudo apt-get install mate-archive-keyring
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sudo apt-get update
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sudo apt-get install mate-core
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sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment
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Now after all packages are unpacked.


Uninstalling Mate-Desktop-Environment (Removing)

If you want to remove MATE Desktop, you can use the following command:

<code>sudo apt-get remove atril atril-common caja caja-common engrampa engrampa-common ffmpegthumbnailer-caja libcaja-extension libmarco libmate libmate-common libmatecanvas libmatecomponent libmatecomponentui libmateconf libmatecorba libmatedesktop libmatekbd libmatekeyring libmatemenu libmatenotify libmatepanelapplet libmatepolkit libmateui libmatevfs libmateweather libmateweather-common marco marco-common mate-applets mate-applets-common mate-backgrounds mate-conf mate-conf-common mate-control-center mate-corba mate-core mate-desktop mate-desktop-common mate-dialogs mate-icon-theme mate-keyring mate-media mate-menus mate-mime-data mate-panel mate-panel-common mate-polkit mate-power-manager mate-power-manager-common mate-screensaver mate-session-manager mate-settings-daemon mate-settings-daemon-common mate-settings-daemon-gstreamer mate-system-monitor mate-terminal mate-terminal-common mate-text-editor mate-themes mate-vfs mate-vfs-common mate-window-manager python-mate</code>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

f you’ve installed the extra MATE packages (mate-desktop-environment), use the following command to remove them:

sudo apt-get remove libmatesensorsappletplugin mate-calc mate-desktop-environment mate-netspeed mate-sensors-applet mate-system-tools mate-utils mozo python-mate-menu system-tools-backends


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