The first posts out my new series, to help you understand computer graphics better.

Digital Sculpting is one of the most artist way of mesh manipulation and most prefered way of creating organic forms example  character, environment props, rocks, stones, trees to name a few. It has given artists the freedom to interact with the mesh like traditional clay.

In programs like ZBrush you get brushes which are similar to traditional tools like clay, rake and move.

Before the advancement of dynamic mesh generation and equalising mesh based on active form.

I don’t think anyone who has done digital sculpting would want to go back. Back then you had to draw a cage with NURBS (Non-uniform rational basis spline) curves which are filled with loft or birail functions, this process was known as patch modelling, which would take hours, not getting the desired shape meant redoing it. I have never done it, knowing it was earlier ways of creative  process, make me thank the development of the new age tools and advancement in computer graphics.

Today software like Blender come with Sculpt mode, Modo and Maya come with sculpting tool set.

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