Create a bootable Yosemite installer

Feb 08, 2015

Yosemite is the latest release of Mac OS X. You have many a Mac to upgrade or prefer a clean install over the regular application installer install. Here is an easy way to create a bootable Yosemite USB installer, that can let you upgrade, clean install and save you from following the same procedure over and over If you have many Mac’s. Follow these steps to create a bootable Yosemite USB installer, This process is done with the help of terminal. Download the OSX Installer app from Mac App Store. Mount the volume you want to turn into a bootable Yosemite USB installer. Open the Terminal. (Application > Utilities > Terminal) We would use a built-in feature createinstallmedia of the OSX Install app to create a Yosemite USB installer. Now run this command in terminal. Change usbmedia to the removable media you are turning into a Yosemite USB installer. This process will format and execute the required tasks to turn your removable media into a Yosemite USB installer.

sudo /Applications/Install OS X --volume /Volumes/usbmedia --applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X

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