Working on a project for hours is a thing now for me, it might be a web development project, graphics designing or Animation.

I work for hours daily, spend most of the time in web development and the rest of the time in graphics designing or animating, it tends to happen that every time I write code, there is a bug, yes that nasty bug! It takes me hours to fix it, as make that moment very stressful and painful working hours working hard to fix it,

This is not a thing that happens once to me, it happens to me to often, its mainly happens to me when I work for hours and have written many lines of code, without taking a break.

I noticed that when I looked into someone else’s code, I code to spot the issue immediately, but takes hours myself trying to fix a small bug in my code, this is a big problem, when you write too many lines of code and everything is interlinked and later have to be divided into multiple files, it is no special ability to spot a fix in someone else code, it is just that you see someone else’s code with fresh eyes.

Looking with fresh eyes is a really important thing, what is it? working on something for hours can make your eyes see the same thing over and over and over again, you eyes get ignorant about detail because it hast focus on a lot of things, and has sees a huge chunk instead of small details, **how do you fix this?**Take a break, while some may disagree, it is very effective, because you eyes and brain have been taken a short rest in see the same thing over, lets them relax for a few moments, so when you look back, you eyes are not looking at the same thing again, even after looking at the same thing again, because you brain got some time to refresh, and your brain lets your eyes look at finer detail.

You might not have enough time to take a break, maybe because of the deadline you want to meet, but just looking somewhere else and not on you screen can give your eyes an instant break.

How do I implement it?

While going some graphics designing, choosing colors and trying to choose the best gets difficult over time, while working for hours, ever time I have to make an edit, I look at something that is not my screen and looks back on to the screen and instantly knows if the color is suiting the subject, i am working with.

I do the same when writing code, I take a longer break and come back to the page of code I have written, this helps me immediately fix the issue because the mind has got a mild break from seeing and processing the same thing over and over.

Your eyes is are like web browser, you need to hit F5/Refresh to update the content. This post only supports IE 9 or above.

Try this your self, leave a comment below and let me know how it this helped you.

I compiled a list of software and services that I use to improve my workflow, here is the link to the list.

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