Live tile for Jekyll

[Microsoft]( introduced live tile for websites for IE in Windows 8, which was improved even further in 8.1 and now it continues in Microsoft Edge for Windows which makes it a great feature to have, because all you have to do is pin the site to Start.

The live tile does not anything special, all it needs is a RSS feed and refresh timing for content polling.

This means a static website can have a live tile. So you can have this feature in a Jekyll based website.

All you have to do is add meta this to the head of your website.

You need to add <code class="highlighter-rouge">logo: string to your <code class="highlighter-rouge">_config.yml and add the path of your logo.

You can change edit this meta for adding different logo support for each tile size, you can change the color to by editing <code class="highlighter-rouge">TileColor content meta.

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You can pin my website to Start, it has live tile support.

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