There are many ways to install Google Chrome on Fedora, here is one of the ways to install Google Chrome on Fedora, this is also one of the most easiest way.

Visit here and download the RPM package for the specific architecture you are using, If you are using i386 choose 32Bit package or if you are using 64 Bit go ahead and download 64 Bit package.

<code class="highlighter-rouge">cd into the directory where you have saved the RPM package.

Now use <code class="highlighter-rouge">sudo or <code class="highlighter-rouge">su to get the privileges required to install the package

su –

Now we can install the package once you have the right privileges. The package will be named “google-chrome-stable`, You can use tab to autocomplete the package you are about to install. `package-name`should be replaced with the actual package name.`

yum localinstall Yum will fetch dependencies and install Google Chrome. Later you will find Google Chrome in your application menu/application launcher

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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