App Review: Pocket

Pocket is an app that lets you save web content for reading it later, it is a great app for users, like me who like reading on the go and want to access all their web content in one place.

It lets you save the specific web page using a browser extension or pasting the URL in the “Save a URL” option, in its web interface or Chrome app or mobile application.

The app is available on a wide range of popular platforms, which lets you access all the content you love reading, on every device you have this app installed.

It automatically syncs your content on all your devices. It offers offline support, which makes it a must have for users who don’t use mobile data or don’t have internet access in every place they travel.

I discovered this app while searching for an app that stores all my web content, that can be made available on all my devices, so it would save my time and let me read a thing I love when I am at college in my free.

The app offers tagging which is a very helpful, especially if you read web content on various genres and like to sort, things you are going to read. It also lets you archive and ticks articles you have read so you have only a list of things you have not read.

The app comes with a dark theme, which turns the background to dark gray and gray text, it’s good for users who read in the night or who don’t like a white background with black text.

I am not a big fan of the dark theme, because it does not style everything nicely and only makes text reading better in dark.

The overall styling feels very nice.

The app has made me more comfortable and systematic because it lets me manage and sort web content, I love reading and I don’t have to keep a lot of tabs open in my browser when I come back home for continuing to read. This app is a lifestyle changer as a reader.

The app sports a feature called “Listen”, it lets the app read for you.

Recently the Pocket team added a recommended list, this list will offer content based on the genre you read and prefer reading and will try its best to serve relevant content, that you might love reading.

In my case, most of the time the app has given me relevant content.

Everything at once.

The app is great for reading, offers dark theme, available on all the popular platforms, saves time and has a nice way of sorting, offers an offline reading. Recommended list give the right recommendations most of the time, a must have if you read a lot of webs content

With the launch of iOS 9 and updated version of Pocket, you can now search your web content using spotlight. It also has an option called “Listen” that lets the app read for you in “Siri’s voice”.

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