Atom on Arch Linux

Atom is a cross platform open source text/source code editor developed by GitHub written in C++, Node.js, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, CSS. Atom offers a built in package manager called APM to install packages developed by Atom developers and 3rd party developers. Atom is built on top of Chromium-based desktop application framework. Atom UI can be tweaked by the user. All the user has to do is edit a simple stylesheet written in ‘less’. This stylesheet overrides the default config. The Atom UI can also be reset by cleaning the changes made my the user. Atom editor in active development, Atom by default has a limit of only a file of 2 MB which can be tweaked by the user if he wishes to open a larger file. Atom supports languages that other editor do not support (example: sass,scss).

You can install Atom very easily on Arch Linux, Atom is has a PKGBUILD on AUR.


We need Yaourt to install Atom, You can install Yaourt from here.

Yaourt – Installation of Yaourt on Arch Linux…
**Yaourt** is yet another user repository tool. It is, not co-incidentally, an
acronym for **Y**et **A**n**O**ther **U**ser **R**epository **T**ool. It is a
community contributed repository for pacman, which is the package manager of
[Arch Linux]( and a few other minor Linu…

To install release built of Atom. Atom release downloads it from GitHub release builds.

yaourt -S atom-editor  

To install Git built of Atom. Atom git builds Atom by downloading it from GitHub

yaourt -S atom-editor-git  

Once Atom is done installing you can launch it from the application menu or execute.

atom .  

By default Atom installs Atom’s CLI tools in Linux.


The Atom release and the git built both will built Atom using Node.js on your system. Atom currently does not officially offer pre-built packages for any Linux distribution. Atom’s performance will very depending on your system and may has longer load up time based on your system speed of opening applications. Atom has crossed build 100 which means Atom is more stable.

Now you have Atom installed on Arch Linux. If you have any problem feel free to leave a comment below.