Darryl Dias

Hi, CG Generalist who fell in love with Animation after learning what can be achieved with Computer Graphics and plan to share my knowledge as I learn it.

[Loading…](https://gumroad.com/l/ghost-material) Ghost Material is a clean, simple responsive and snappy theme for Ghost blogging platform built with Google’s Material Design library. It supports devices

I created a clean and simple theme for Ghost blogging platform, here are a few screenshots. You can install it by downloading the zip and placing the folder in. /content/

I developed Sidewalk. My first theme for Grav CMS. Grav is a flat-file CMS written in PHP developed by Rocket Themes. The theme is inspired by hexo-jade-barebone. Installing the theme.

I created PureBlog a Jekyll theme using PureCSS. The theme supports syntax highlighting. All the stylesheet is written in SASS a _custom.sass file is already made available in the