Darryl Dias

Hi, CG Generalist who fell in love with Animation after learning what can be achieved with Computer Graphics and plan to share my knowledge as I learn it.

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 support live tile in Windows 8/8.1 and 10. This means any user/visitor who pinned your website or web application to their

Bootstrap is a CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) library developed by Twitter that lets you create responsive websites with easy to understand naming convention and well-designed grid system. It has gained

I designed social share buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, all these buttons are written in pure CSS and part of a project I have been working on. It’

Ghost by default only lets you have dated permalink :year/:month/:day/:slug or title :title based with is set by default. You can change this by editing the Sqlite

A simple CSS trick that turns an image from Grayscale to colourisation. See the Pen Colorize image by Darryl Dias (@Darryl) on CodePen. This adds Grayscale filter to the image,