Bye 2016

I see a lot of people say 2016 was bad year. It is to a certain extent, but what I believe is it was a good experience and feel that 2017 will be the year to correct previously made mistake and time to be present in the moment as it is the greatest present 🎁, right now that money can’t buy and is in short supply. So live in the present and be a present 🎁 to someone.

How you spend your hours decided how your day goes, how you spend you days decides how months as they decided how the year ends for you. — Darryl Dias

Hope you enjoyed the read, Happy new year 😊

Bots attacking my Google Analytics user id

I looked into my Google Analytics dashboard and found it was still tracking visitors even when my website does not have the JavaScript tracker.

It turned out to be a bot that was attacking my Google Analytics user id and created fake visits to pages that do not exist on my site and get referred from sites that are not related to my site and subject matter I have written about.

Multitasking leads to failure

In this age and time, we are surrounded by technology that was once a man’s dream and only part of Sci-Fi movies, now being part of our daily lives. Today our smartphone has a higher rate of processing power than all the computational power NASA had when man landed on the moon. Today we have this humongous amount of power at our fingertips and has given us some of the greatest advantages and has helped humanity to a very large extent.

Looking at it the other way is also interesting as it has done the same in the opposite. Today we have devices that can multitask and do a lot of things, handle messages while taking a high-resolution photo, download documents while watching a video, stream a live event or complete desktop. This has made us aware of the opinions of our near and far relatives, family, and friends that did not matter to us and we are seeing content that does not matter and have an information overload.

It has also resulted in a large number of people feeling that they have done work at the present and made them feel that they have not achieved much by the end of the day. This has resulted due to the access to information that one wants to learn about, other than when it would not be helping to accomplish the specific task he or she is doing at present.

An average person checks his smartphone for updates every once in twenty minutes and not being mentally present at that moment.

This also makes us less dedicated to our work and eats away our time.

Humans were never meant to multi-task, they are only good at doing that one thing at a time and that one thing was done very well.

Every day we decided that we should accomplish so much and fail. Due to this we go miles away from our goal and feel the time was not spent well.

We are not always aware that this is happening to us, you might be working on a document in your editor app and suddenly remember a video your friend was talking about the other day and instantly decided to watch that video, instead of finishing the document, just because the mind subconsciously finds tasks that have not been completed easier than the ones you are working on.

Later you realise that editing the document would take less than thirty minutes, but you ended up working on it for more than two hours, just because you sat there and decided let’s watch all the videos youtube recommended because they are only five minutes long, instead watched a whole playlist when you were supposed to go back and edit the document.

A study has shown that switching between multiple tasks instead of completing one, makes you feel mentally rewarded because your mind wants to work on easier takes and is fooled to believe, that it is easier to do other tasks than doing the current task, resulting in one checking his smartphone over and over again or opening the empty fridge doors to see if the tooth fairy has left some chocolates.

The only way one could fix this problem is by scheduling one’s workflow instead of scheduling one’s work itself. This will make us work on what we should be doing at present instead of what needs to be done. Resulting in doing what needs to be done at the moment and also by the end of the day you feel you have accomplished more, completed tasks, thereby browsing your smartphone or any other device more relaxed, because your mind is not prompting you into thoughts of what you should be doing and how much is left to do.

Downgrading Ghost

You would have recently noticed the downtime on my website, well it was not a server maintenance day it was me being fed up of the numbers of bugs and other issues I was facing with Ghost version 0.9.0.

In the recent months, I switched to Ghost and the reason was due to the way its interface was and ease of use. Completely designed for content development. It helped me be more productive because I could focus on writing and all I wanted was that. I preferred it because my website has a minimal designed and is oriented towards readers for other types of websites a fully blown CMS is a much better option like WordPress.

I was enjoying every moment of writing in Ghost until 0.6.4. I was aware that it lacked a lot of features that other platforms offered but the fact that I could preview Markdown side by side and have almost complete screen occupied for content writing made me stick with it. It was all perfect until Ghost decided to redesign the admin interface in version 0.7.0 which looked nice. I instantly upgrade to it and started working with it, at first it was nice until I started feeling that the sidebar occupies a lot of space and when set to hide would pop up every time my cursor moved close to the focus area, I could avoid that so I did not care about it and continue to upgrade it with the latest release.

Over time I started discovering that sometimes I typed to search for a blog post with the right post name it would never appear in the search result and at times open the post I was editing earlier that was not related to the search. What I expect was it being fixed in a newer release which never happened it started getting worse.

The admin panel already started loading slower and the login process would take a longer time instead of thing speeding or getting stable newer feature were included in beta that was not at all functional which was most disappointing.

Normally a software or app is supposed to get better more stable in a newer release instead this got slower and start to have more bugs and non-functional beta features.

All the beta features are supposed to be functional and not to be part of the app as a dummy.

I got annoyed and switch to version 0.6.4 which is faster and feels nicer.

Thank you for reading,

for more posts stay tuned.

Markdown everything

After learning Markdown markup I am having a hard time writing posts in TinyMCE editor.

Markdown has changed my whole writing process. Now I only write HTML when I have to write HTML 5 template and it is only when I don’t have Jade compiler available.

Why I switched to Muut for comments

Muut similar to Disqus is a discussion service that unlike Disqus with only allows commenting lets you to embed the discussion as an embed to your website so you can have a complete discussion section on your website.

The other great feature of Muut is it supports Markdown. Which means that if I can write posts in Markdown you can write comments in it too.

I switched back to Disqus because Muut free plan is very limited.

The blogging pattern

You may have noticed recently there was not much content being updated on my website and no updates were available about when my posts would get published.

I was working on a new project and was a bit busy learning Unreal Engine, which is a very nice gaming engine, but a very new thing to me, as I had no experience in a 3D gaming engine.

At some points I was busy with things and had very less time to test thing out that are going to be a part of my posts, so I prefer not to publish the posts because unless I have an assurance that the guide or post would work without any errors/flaws a few times, I don’t let the draft turn live, so the readers don’t face any problems and always have an easy and clean setup with less or no errors.

I post a new article every Tuesday, Why? because I get most of my visitors on Tuesday and it would be really nice for them to have a newly published post to read, also visitor who has been visiting my sites know my publish date is Tuesday and has been the most preferred day, due to my earlier schedule.