You would have come from YouTube video, here are the commands used in the video

Enter the command below to get root privilege.

su -  


sudo su  

Installing Development Tools

yum groupinstall 'development tools'  

Installing dependencies require by Python 2.7.6

yum install -y zlib-dev openssl-devel sqlite-devel bzip2-devel wget  

Downloading Python 2.7.6 source.


Unpacking Python 2.7.6 source.

tar -xvf Python-2.7.6.tar.xz  

Entering into Python 2.7.6 source directory.

cd Python-2.7.6.tar.xz  

Commands used to compile and install Python 2.7.6.

make install  
make clean  

Now we have Python 2.7.6 installed on your CentOS system. If you have any problem feel free to leave a comment below.